product description
new energy 600w charger

main functions:

1. output overvoltage protection;2. output backconnection protection;3. output overcurrent protection;

4. output short circuit protection;5. over-temperature protection of products;6. full automatic stop;

usage steps:

1. firstly, connect the output plug of the charger closely with the battery end (charging interface).(position of charging interface varies from vehicle type to vehicle type)

2. plug the charging electromechanical source into the socket.(ac socket must be grounded)

3. the charging state of the charger is shown in red, indicating that it is being charged.(the charging time is proportional to the amount of battery discharge)

4. the status indicator light of the charging machine changes from red to green surface and the charging has been completed.

5. during the charging process, the traffic lights flicker alternately, indicating that the charger enters the protection state, and the replug and pull power protection is removed to continue charging.

6. after charging, pull out the input and output plug of the charger.

main technical instructions of the charger:

1. input voltage: ac180-240v, 50hz-60hz

2. when 220v ac, the efficiency is greater than 93%, the heat generation is small and the reliability is high

3. protection features: output overvoltage protection, output backconnection protection, output overcurrent protection, output short-circuit protection, product over-temperature protection, full of automatic shutdown

4. cooling mode: forced convection cooling of fan.

5. use the environment: - 20 ° c ~ 50 ° c, indoor use, prevent the rain and the sun).

6. full automatic stop: the charger determines that the battery will stop automatically after it is full. the charger can only be recharged after the input power is disconnected or the battery is reconnected.

common failures and solutions

this charger is specially designed for charging lead-acid batteries. before charging, it is important to check whether the voltage and capacity of the charger and the battery group are in accordance with the nominal value

if there is a charging failure of the charger, first carefully check whether all external circuits of the charger are correct. if the fault has been eliminated, you can check the status of the charging indicator light.

1. the green light does not turn the red light (the charger does not charge) :

direct current ac input voltage is too low

the ac220v power source should be checked before checking whether the input and output plugs are in bad contact.

excessive discharge of the battery pack, or failure to use it for a long time, or damage to the battery pack.

2. alternate flashing of traffic lights:

check ambient temperature is too high and ventilation is smooth.

the charging polar machine and the battery are checked to see if their polarity is consistent.

3. the light is not on: check whether the fuse is damaged.

4. causes of battery charging dissatisfaction:

when charging, the power of the electric vehicle is not switched off, resulting in too long charging time, leading to wrong charging ahead of the lamp.

vacuum charging machine output line self-lengthening charge (the output voltage will be reduced due to the pressure drop caused by the extension of the wiring).

the output plug of the torque charger is not plugged in properly (the new plug will be tight to ensure it is plugged in).

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